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Redesign Your Home Plan With The Professionals At Modular

People understandably become attached to their homes. Whether it's the neighborhood or location, or the actual home itself, people develop strong ties with the home they live in. But as your family begins to change or grow, it may be necessary to alter your home to better fit with your lifestyle. Home renovations are a great alternative to uprooting yourself in a long and lengthy moving process. By coming up with a new home plan, you can drastically refresh the appearance of your home, as well as increase its overall functionality.
Modular helps their clients get the most of their homes in a stress free manner. While we understand that Toronto and the GTA offers many different contracting companies, we promise to bring you the easiest solution when it comes to upgrading your home. We stand above our competitors as we can offer a unique "one stop” home renovation option for our customers.
We begin by assessing the layout of your home and consulting with you to determine exactly what you aim to achieve with your project. Restructuring the layout of your home's floor plan is an investment and Modular wants our customers to be one hundred percent satisfied with the results. Establishing a good relationship with our clients is important so that we can understand your goals and help you attain exactly what you want, well within your budget.
Once we have assessed your goals and your budget, we will provide you a detailed estimate of exactly what you can expect to spend. We work closely with you to help you understand all the different options available. Our professional team excels in providing top-quality results at the best prices. By getting all your renovation work done with one company you can protect yourself from hidden costs down the line. People are too often forced to pay beyond their means due to the unreliable estimates of a variety of contractors. If you get all of construction work done with one company, then rely on another company for the mechanics such as electricity or plumbing, you can end up paying far beyond what you originally expected.
Our contractors will draw up preliminary floor plans and can show you exactly how your new home will look. You can relax and look forward to your new and updated modern home. In addition, Modular not only will reconstruct the layout of your floor plan, we offer a variety of fashionable interior finishes. Whether you need ceramic flooring for your kitchen, hardwood for your living room or carpeting in the bedroom, Modular will take care of the entire process. Modular also has a large selection of paint colors so you can select exactly how your new home will look, before the building process begins.
Let us redesign your home's plan and give you a newly updated layout at a fraction of the cost of moving or going with any other company. Call Modular at 416-759-HOME to how we can help you.
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Our showroom is located in the East York area of Toronto. Please call or email us to set up an appointment.
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